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The E-PROPS propellers are tested on ground (see GROUND TESTS), and also on flight. A lot of flight tests campaign are made by customers, especially during carbon propellers' developments for UAV. Some flight tests are confidential, but some have been published.

Here below are some results of these tests.





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larry mednick presentation

see the LARRY's presentation

interview by DAN JOHNSON - April 2017



Customer Feedback May 2017

Thrust 30% more than with the Autogyro 3-blades


- E-PROPS : the best propeller for the Savannah

detailed argument - March 2017



- Tests : DURANDAL 100-M 180 on SKYRANGER 912S

made by E-Props team / May 2016



eprops avis clients





- Comparative tests : propellers for Gaz-Aile

Tests made by the pilots of the Gaz'aile association

Comparative of :

- Variable pitch propeller PENNEC design PENNEC 2-blades diameter 146 cm
- Fixed pitch PENNEC design 2-blades diameter 146 cm
- Adjustable pitch E-PROPS VORPALINE S 3-blades diameter 152 cm

Match E-Props / Pennec Variable pitch = E-Props wins !

E-PROPS : better than a variable pitch propeller !
Best performances, more simple = security, weight

Test report (Nov 2015)



- Comparative tests on WT9 tow aircraft (April 2016)

The 3-blades E-PROPS propeller ground adjustable pitch
- is lighter (gain 9,5 kg)
- less expensive (gain 3 879 €)
- with a 6,5 time higher TBO
is significantly more efficient than the 3-blades variable pitch WOODCOMP

=> PDF file

=> comparative video (Aspres / Buëch, April 2016)


eprops remorqueur



- Comparative tests Durandal 80-S / WarpDrive on CNSK aircraft Europa

made by a owner / pilot of Europa. Objective : increase the rate of climb

Gain of weight = 2,2 kg

Gain of rate of climb = + 15%

Test report (Jan 2016)



- Comparative tests : propellers on MB2 Colibri (HAPI VW engine 1835 cm3, 65 hp)

Made in Switzerland

Comparative of :

- 2-blades fixed pitch ArrowProp diameter 132 cm
- 3-blades adjustable pitch E-PROPS BELISANDRE diameter 146 cm

Better performances in roll distance (gain of 30%), airborne distance, climb rate and noise measurement => gain of 5,9 dB(A)

Test report (3rd quater 2015)



- Comparative propellers tests made on WT9 Dynamic Club SD tow aircraft (May 2014)

Between :

- reference propeller : composite 3-blades ground adjustable pitch

- E-Props Durandal 100-R propeller : carbon 3-blades ground adjustable pitch


Result : with the E-Props, rate of climb is better of more than 30 % against the reference propeller


* Test report dated 17/01/2007 : Dynamic with reference propeller

* Test report dated 20/05/2014 : Dynamic with E-Props propeller

=> Summary July 2014


comparative flights tests between propellers on WT9 tow aircraft




- Tests of a DURANDAL 100-S propeller on a aircraft MCR4S 912S

Test pilot : M. Michel Riazuelo. MCR4S F-PADC (n°166) – Mai 2014 – Cholet Le Pontreau airfield

"Performances at take-off and climb are better with E-Props than with 3-blades Dyn'Aero propeller"

=> See the tests here (in French)



- Tests of a DURANDAL 80-S propeller on a MCR 912

Test pilot : M. Michel Riazuelo. MCR Sportster F-PMTR (n° 256) – April 2014 –Cholet Le Pontreau airfield

"Take-off and climb performances with the E-PROPS are better than those obtained with EVRA propeller, and are similar to the performances obtained with a variable pitch propeller ARPLAST PV50 Constant Speed".

=> see the test report (in pdf, in French)

=> see the news of the Blog



- Comparative tests between propeller EXCALIBUR / reference propeller

Technical comparison established between an E-PROPS 4-blades EXCALIBUR and a reference propeller on a gyrocopter MAGNI M16 equipped with a ROTAX 914 turbo.

- EXCALIBUR allows a gain of 35 km/h in cruise

- reduction of the vibrations of the gyrocopter

- lower noise on all the range of RPM

- fewer gyroscopic effects

=> see the test report



- Comparative tests between propeller DUC FLASH / propeller E-Props DURANDAL

Session 1 : usefull thrust 14 kg more for the DURANDAL XL compare to the FLASH. DURANDAL XL is 1,7 kg lighter compare to the FLASH.

Session 2 : Propeller E-PROPS DURANDAL 100 – L on a G1 ultralight :

- increases maximum speed of 5 km/h

- increases climb rate of 20%

- decreases fuel consumption of about 0,5 liter/hour

- is 40% lighter

than the DUC FLASH propeller

Note : carbon E-Props propellers hold during 1 hour the load at which the FLASH propeller breaks (see test report of the FLASH in its Instruction Manual)

=> See comparative evaluation betwen Duc Flash and E-Props Durandal



eprops propellers carbon