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ELECTRAVIA's headquarters, research office and workshops are located on Sisteron'airfield LFNS (town : Vaumeilh), north of Sisteron, Alpes de Haute Provence - exactly between Grenoble et Marseille.



ateliers E-PROPS workshop

main workshop and second workshop



The premises are perfectly functional: workshops and offices on one side, big storage zone for planes near the door looking onto the runway. The roof is equipped photovoltaic panels.


e-props developpement durable sustainable developement

To E-PROPS, everything is thought and implemented to design and produce propellers with the smallest impact on the environment : ultra-light propellers, manufactured following an eco-responsible approach in energy-plus buildings.




WORKSHOPS : 1.700 m²



Ultra-modern main workshop (1200 m²) :

- Different and dedicated workshops: propellers workshops, mechanics, electronics for a production capacity of 30 000 blades / year

- 12 machining centres, including one 8-axis centre with laser scanner to analyze blades and hubs.

- 2 ovens medium temparature / small capacity and one oven high temperature / big capacity

- A lathe and a milling machine

- 2 welding systems

- A cabin of painting of 15 m²

- An assembly hall

- A storage zone for operational planes

- Offices and training room


Second workshop (500 m²) :

- A fatigue tests bench, to stress the blade with alternating bending, to reproduce the engine's torque, and to establish the real propellers' potential.

- A traction tests bench : 40 tonnes hydraulic cylinder. High : 3,5 m. Weight : 300 kg.

- A system of electronic sensors (accelerometers and strain gauge), which is settled on the propeller's hub. A wireless connection Bluetooth allows to get back the data on a computer in the plane.



containers e-props

During E-PROPS plant layout, storage in containers



E-PROPS ensures the production monitoring by RFID and KANBAN method. These methods and tools optimize the manufacturing quality, reassure and fluidify the supplies, allow the real-time follow-up of the production process, the traceability of all the manufacturing steps, and offer a set of successful and reliable indicators.




E-PROPS : production monitoring by RFID and KANBAN



In August 2015, the company has bought an ultralight with a Rotax 912S; this airplane will be equipped with innovative instruments (DAU : Data Acquisition System) to record all propellers parameters in all flight configurations, to propose ever better propellers.


In July 2017, E-PROPS has implemented two new production equipment :

- a machining centre custom designed and built to allow the dimensional analysis, the rectification and the finish of the carbon parts automatically, without dismantling of the part. It is equipped with a directional spindle on 5-axis programmed according to the digital definition of the part, with a wide tool store. The precision of measure by the scanner laser is of 5/100th of millimeter.
The scanner sweeps the carbon part, the program recognizes it according to ts database, then the different tools come to make all the finishing work: deburring, cut, drilling, sanding and polishing. All the stages between the molds and the stock are automatic.

A robot arm presents the parts to the machining centre.


E-PROPS CNC Machining Center with Laser Scanner

functionning video


- a professional 3D printer, in order to realize equipments, molds, prototypes and of pre-series parts, as well as lighter functional components. This technology is going to allow E-PROPS to design and to make parts with complex geometries or aerodynamic properties difficult, even impossible, to make with traditional methods.




... that is the necessary means for conception, tests, manufacturing and marketing of E-Props propellers



TRM-8 3D printerbras robot eprops robot arm

8-axis machining centre with laser scanner / 3D printer / robot arm



electravia soudure TIGelectravia : tour fraiseusebanc test de fatigue

TIG welding system / lathe and milling machines / fatigue bench test



banc d'essais hélices e-propsbanc de traction hélice e-propscapteurs hélices e-propsbanc de fatigue hélice e-props

test benches


lustrage pales carbone

polishing workshop