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e-props propeller satisfied or your money back



Carbon propellers tractor configuration - ground adjustable pitch - leading edge protection Nanostrength®

left rotation sense, for engines Rotax 582 / 503 /447

1 model 2-blades, 1 model 3-blades

standard diameters (168 to 180 cm) and big diameters (200 to 250 cm)



hélice naginata E-Props


attention warningBecause of the very big success met by other E-Props models and by numerous orders of propellers for different applications, the NAGINATA 2 and 3 models are not currently available for sale on the Ultralights / Aircraft market. Thank you for your understanding.





Brand name


Model name


Rotation sense

Counterclockwise [1]



Propellers designed for

ROTAX 582, 503, 447

réducteurs 2,62 / 3 / 3,47 / 4


[1] counterclockwise = left rotation in the wind made by the propeller


Please note : for the moment, we have no models for ROTAX 582 reducer B 2,58

because this reducer has only one drilling patern (6M8d75) which is not compatible with our hubs for big power engines

Reminder of the ROTAX 582 reducers : see at the end of this page


The 3-blades model for ROTAX 447 and 503 red 2,58 and 2,62 is the 3-blades HAUTECLAIRE



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naginata propellers for rotax 582 / 503 / 447




Each NAGINATA propeller is delivered complete and ready to be mounted with :
- All screws (inox 8.8, washers, Nylstop if necessary)

- An aluminium black anodized flange for tightening

- The digital protractor, to adapt the pitch, very precise (price = 50 € without taxes, included in the propeller's total price)
- The Instruction and Service Manual of E-Props propellers, updated version. See it here : MANUALS
- The identification sheet of the propeller with ref number, max RPM, recommended first pitch


The price of the propeller (see it on PRICES page) is including all those components.

Only a potential spinner is in option.

At E-PROPS, no need to add more expensive parts !





The E-PROPS team is confident of the performances and quality of its propellers, and is offering the garantee "satisfied or your money back".

E-PROPS is the only propellers manufacturer in the world to propose this garantee.



fly synthesis catalina Rotax 582 red 2 eprops naginata 3 L 180

FLY SYNTHESIS Rotax 582 red 3 - E-PROPS Naginata 3 L dia 180 cm





ROTAX 582 reducers :


- B : ratio 2,58

- C : ratio 2,62 / 3 / 3,47 / 4

- E : ratio 2,62 / 3 / 3,47 / 4


For reducer ratio B 2,58, we have no propellers model (holes 6M8d75 incompatible with our hubs for this power)

In tractor configuration, we recommend reducer C (2,62 or 3)

In pusher configuration, we recommend reducer E (3,47)


To choose the screws, please precise at order if the 6 holes on the reducer flange are threaded or smooth. There are booth systems on the ROTAX 582.