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Some E-Props carbon propellers are with ground adjustable pitch. It means that the blades pitch is fixed during the assembly of the propeller, and can be changed depending on the use.


réglage du pas d'hélice e-props



The pitch adjustment must be carefully done by the user, and of course must be the same for all blades. If the pitch is not the same on each blade, the performances can be degraded, and this could be generate some vibrations. Those vibrations could be noticeable in flight, sometimes not on ground.


Be careful : a gap of pitch of 1° may cause some important problems.


Please note : if some vibrations appear in flight, first verify the pitch of the blades.

The gap between the pitch of different blades must not exceed 0,3°.

A first recommended pitch blade angle is given by E-Props on the Propeller Identification Sheet (included in the documents of the propeller). This value depends on the propeller's model, the engine, the reducer (if any) and the aircraft.

The pitch's adjustment allows the user to choose the engine RPM full throttle.

Depending on the use of his aircraft and on his wishes, the owner / pilot will adapt the pitch of the blades.


Be carefull : some models with needles have to be calibrated before use.

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Examples of Pitch Adjustment


1- SAVANNAH ultralight with Rotax 912s engine (100hp) reducer 2,43

Propeller : Durandal 100 L diameter 180 cm

Use : flights in mountain, very short runways

Propeller adjustment : pitch = 5800 RPM, full throttle, horizontal flight

With this pitch, during take-off, the engine RPM is 5700 RPM, with allows a very short take-off.

2- ZENAIR 650 ultralight with Rotax 912s engine (100hp) reducer 2,43

Propeller : Durandal 100 M diameter 170 cm

Use : long navigation

Propeller adjustment : pitch = 5500 RPM, full throttle, horizontal flight

Wit this pitch, during take-off, the engine RPM is also 5500 RPM. The cruise flight is fast and comfortable. The performances at take-off are still very good due to the ESR effect of the E-Props propeller.

Setting procedure, or how to reach the maximum RPM as wanted :


pitch RPM


On a Rotax 912S, an increase of 0,6° of the pitch decreases the engine RPM of 100 RPM.

On a direct drive engine (Jabiru, D-Motor, UL-Power), to increase the pitch of 0,9° decreases the RPM of 100 RPM.

Example : in horizontal flight, full throttle, the engine is running at 5700 RPM. The pilot wants 5500 RPM.

The difference is 200 RPM. It is necessary to increase the pitch of 1,2°.


Pitch Adjustment / Tightening of the propellers screws


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